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Learn piano 3x faster with lessons from our Super Teachers.  Our Triple Guarantee eliminates all risk.

  • Musicality

    Your child will sound great from their first lesson, not years later.


    They will be able to play all musical styles, not just classical music.

  • Technique

    Using scientific technique, your

    child's fingers will fly quickly over the keys with little chance of injury.

  • Understanding

    From week 1, they will learn how to make songs their own, growing to read, write, and create music.

  • Playing First

    Learning to play before reading rockets your child to success.   Some students learn up to 10x faster the first year.

  • Relationships

    With a caring and supportive teacher, both you and your child are given the tools to work through the hard times.

  • Flexibility

    Online group lessons give you the flexibility you need in a busy world.  

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Fall 2018

Starts September 4th, 2018


Enrollment Almost Full


Beginning Piano, Ages 3-6, Mondays 4pm EST

Beginning Piano, Ages 5-10, Tuesdays 4pm EST

Beginning Piano, Ages 5-10, Wednesdays 4pm EST

Beginning Piano, Ages 5-10, Thursdays 4pm EST

Beginning Piano, Adults, Tuesdays noon EST

Intermediate Piano, Adults, Thursdays noon EST

Spring 2019

Starts January 2nd, 2019


Enrolling Now


Piano Lessons for ages 3 - adult.




7 days a week, 9am-12pm EST



 We understand that piano lessons are a huge investment and we want to make sure we eliminate your risk.    

  1. 30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee.   If at anytime until 30 days after the first lesson you are not satisfied, just call us at (833) JOY-MUSIC or email me at jeremy@joyofmusic.org and we will return your full purchase price.
  2. 30 Day 150% Guarantee.  If you attend and participate in the first four classes and fill out the practice journals, but still aren’t satisfied, we will return an additional 50% of the first month’s tuition.
  3. Forever Guarantee.   If after 30 days, you want to quit, we will refund your full purchase price minus $40 per week.


  • What do Piano Lessons Involve?

    Lessons are given weekly for 55 minutes online via video-conferencing (think a pro-version of Skype or FaceTime). 


    All you need is a computer or tablet, and internet connection, 

    and a keyboard or piano.


    For children 12 and under, a parent is required to attend.

  • Why Does a Super Teacher Get Such Great Results?

    While the videos go into a lot more detail,

    the short answer is research and training.


    We spend hours each week training our teachers about 

    the best teaching methods available. 


    Some methods are hundreds of years old

    and others brand new.


    We take research from dozens of fields so that

    we can provide the world's best piano lessons.


  • Why Do I Enroll, Then Schedule Lessons?



      We realize that parents are very busy and that schedules change.   Kids get sick. 


    By first enrolling in the school, you are then free to schedule the class that best fits your schedule without having to worry about billing issues for each class.


    This also lets us handle switching classes and makeups a lot easier.

  • What Piano or Keyboard Should I Buy?

    This deserves more than a paragraph,

    so I will email out a guide.


    The short answer is that most parents

    don't tune acoustic pianos enough

    (2-4 times per year), making digital a better choice.


    We recommend a Casio Privia PX-870 at $999.99

  • Why Online Lessons?

    When our studio filled up, we thought long and hard about how to expand and started offering online lessons.


    We were surprised to find that online lessons were

    just as effective.


    The first piano lessons were given to aristocrats

    in their homes and the rich still hire piano teachers to come to them.


    Online lessons offers the luxury and convenience

    of a teacher coming to your home,

    saving you time and money. 

  • Holidays and Vacations

    Lessons are provided 48 weeks a year.


    When a teacher is sick, makeups will be provided whenever possible.


    Joy of Music is closed from Christmas Eve

    until New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day,

    Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.


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